Basketball Bag

Micro Smiley by TOMME

available in store

Chinatown Market Size 1 Mini Basketball with black cotton lining Black & Composite leather strap 120cm

Here’s some information about TOMME

TOMME (pronounced TOM) was started in 2014 with a simple t-shirt design – a mock dictionary definition of a ‘TOMBOY’ …


/ tam, boi /

noun: Someone who connects feminine and masculine with ease and confidence, expressing the best of both worlds.

adjective: To be empowered, fearless, progressive and innovative; to go against the grain.

This initial t-shirt was significant as it was how I defined myself, but also how I wanted the TOMME brand to be defined too. The brand name derived from that original definition t-shirt, combining ‘Femme’ x ‘Homme’ x ‘Tomboy’ to equal TOMME.

The aim with TOMME is simple, to try and connect the feminine and masculine together and ultimately create items that make people feel empowered and confident when they wear them.

The 3.0 Basketball bag was created in early 2016, born from a love of experimentation, basketball and cutting shit up. Each bag is handmade to order. Each bag has its own personality. And each have their ‘imperfections’… but that is what makes each one so unique.

Be equal. Be expressive.
Be honest. Be progressive.
Be feminine. Be masculine.
Be stylish. Be TOMME.