James Kingman

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42cm x 59cm
Created in the UK during lockdown. In a time when you were only allowed out for an hour a day - those times were particularly tough, so it was important to remind yourself to smile in those times. Especially at people you see in your allocated time in the outside world. That smile may be the only smile they see that day (or longer)…

This piece mixes media and techniques. The pink circle is spray painted. The type is screenprinted on and the smile is applied by hand using an acrylic pen. Visually, inspired by the 90’s rave scene :-)

James Kingman is a London based contemporary artist that has over 15 years experience in the creative industry. During that time he has applied his trade to many of the countries leading agencies and in-house brands across digital and print
Inspired by street art, design and pop culture, Kingman blends raw outputs with controlled elements and a dash of cheekiness to boot

His work often contains painstakingly hand rendered halftones, bespoke typefaces and hand applied mediums, making each piece of his work unique in their own right